Hi I'm Rodent Blood

I'm awkward and draw monsters, cute things, and fanart

WARNING: this blog contains NSFW

I track the rodentblood tag


Rodent blood

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Do you have anything on “la muerte roja?”

my Commissions are currently OPEN

I can draw basically anything, monsters, aliens, humans, anthros, robots, mythical creatures, NSFW art,  fetish art, etc. There may be a few subjects I am not comfortable drawing, feel free to ask. I am not out to judge anyone.

my price varies due to character difficulty, the more details a character has the higher the price 

I am available to design characters but please not these will cost more and I will only do a few revisions after completing the design

I accept payment in advance and you can talk to me about progression pics

I only accept payment via paypal

if you have any questions or would like to commission me shoot me an email at candysphynx@yahoo.com

reblogs are greatly appreciated <33


video games are art i will fight you on this


Today, I braided together some little flowers. Then, I put them on my goat.